Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cupcake challenge #1

Okay, I was at a party where I brought Margarita cupcakes and Rum and Coke cupcakes and some of the guests were dreaming up new flavor combinations for *adult cupcakes* (can you bet this is what prompted this blog?) and I thought I'd give you a chance to submit three flavors/ingredients (one has to be alcohol) or a cocktail recipe and I'll take one of them on as a challenge.

Deadline to submit your idea is June 30th - if you are the one selected, I'll make you a dozen (if local) or send you an equally good prize (if not in Los Angeles).

Okay - get to it!


diana said...

I am willing to sacrifice myself to try anything you make. Here are my humble suggestions

Kahlua with crushed coffee beans

Dried cherries soaked in kirsch

Something with Ouzo but I can't think of an appropriate filling. Maybe a white chocolate ganache infused with ouzo?

Anything you make is going to be excellent. YUM can't wait!

Matt Singley said...

1)Scotch. Hopefully Oban 14 yr.


3)Mojito. Yup, all the ingredients (or at least the flavors) in one nice little cupcake package.

Rachael Graeff said...


Agent Em said...

I challenge you to make a cupcake that tastes like beer. mmhm.

Anonymous said...

in terms of cupcakes i think kahlua, baileys irish creme-type cupcakes would be grand. also, a lemon drop cupcake?