Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The top 3 challenges - coming to a kitchen near you!

Okay, we've got three great challenges and we're going to start working on them this weekend.

  1. Mojito - there are 4 (count them, four) designs currently in the mix, although one of them is not testing well with the author. I will probably only attempt two of them this weekend.
  2. Kahlua and Coffee - we have a design that is probably going to work right out of the gate, so this one will probably be the first to be attempted.
  3. Cherries and Kirsch - well, there are two designs, both equally interesting, both with chocolate (which is another reason that I need you tasters to sign up below) and I think these are going to be some of the more popular
I'll post pictures, feedback and thoughts this week/weekend.

Feel like you are missing out on the fun? Sign-up to be a tester and/or taster and come get your cupcake on!

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Matt Singley said...

Go mojito go!